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Our Commitment 

We stand behind our customers every step of the way. Progressive manufacturing, quality products and excellent customer service is provided regularly. 

Our dedicated staff works closely with designers and casework suppliers to ensure successful, smooth installation. The result is a long service life for every project, large or small.

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Governor Mike Beebe has announced a $500,000 Community Development Block Grant to help Epoxyn Products expand and add 60 jobs!

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Located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, we are a leading manufacturer and fabricator of high performance work surface solutions for the laboratory.

We offer both epoxy and phenolic resin, the two premier laboratory work surface materials. Epoxyn's resin products include chemical-resistant, laboratory-grade epoxy work surfaces, sinks, balance tables, pegboards, fume hood tops and other components.

Custom fabrication is offered in an unlimited array of colors for research, educational and health care laboratory environments. We are also a leading fabricator of Trespa and other solid phenolic core products. Phenolic resin provides laboratory grade work surfaces in a large selection of colors and patterns.

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